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Take a Look Back #56- number sense activities, fine motor skills, literacy center and more

Ideas for centers and activities for math and literacy centers in kindergarten. Work on letters, number sense, phonics and more.

It’s been a fun, but busy few weeks in kindergarten. We have been enjoying the change in weather recently and even got to see our first snowfall of the year. We have been continuing to work on our number sense phonics skills as we still have some students struggling in this area. Here are some of the activities we used these past few weeks to reinforce these concepts:

Hanging Clothes

Reinforce number sense and fine motor skills with this fun, hands-on math activity for kindergarten.

We used this fun activity to work on number sense and their fine motor skills. I strung a string between the legs of a table, then taped it in place. Students used clothespins to hang up the shirts in order. They really loved this activity, and returned to it again and again! 

If you would like to use this activity with your students, it is part of my Fine Motor Skills Activity pack:

4 Seasons Art

4 seasons art activity for fine motor skill practice.

We noticed that our students had trouble identifying different seasons and telling us how what they see when the seasons change. We made our own 4 seasons art by cutting out the trees and then using different materials to decorate them. Along with learning about the different seasons, our students worked on their fine motor skills and did a great job cutting out their own trees and gluing them.

This is also available in my Fine Motor Activities pack:

Fall Loose Parts

We had students use different loose parts to work on representing numbers in different ways. They did a great job using the materials and had fun showing us what they know about numbers.

One-to-One Correspondence

We have been working on one-to-one correspondence with our students, and this is a great activity to help them with their counting skills. They had to put the correct number of elastics on the sticks to match the number. We used numbers 1 to 20 to easily differentiate the center. Our students loved this, and it was great for their fine motor skills too.

Another activity we used to reinforce number sense skills is this super simple play dough activity. Our students had to put the corresponding numbers of toothpicks in the play dough.

Alphabet Practice

We used these alphabet dice to practice writing letters with these magnetic boards. Students had to roll, then write the uppercase and lowercase letters they landed on. To challenge them, you could also have them write a word that begins with that letter.

I hope you are having a great week!

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