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Take a Look Back #54- Mr Muncher literacy center, free writing template, class book and more!

A look back at kindergarten centers and activities from this past week. Free journal writing prompt, Mr Muncher literacy center, number building math activity and first class book writing prompt of the year.

The weather has cooled, and our students are getting into the classroom routines. We are able to do more in our classroom now, and we are putting out more complex centers. Here are a few of the activities we did this past week:

A Book About Us!

A Book About Us! A class book literacy center for kindergarten students. A fun writing activity for the beginning of the school year to get to know your students.

We made our first class book together! Our students loved seeing their writing put together and bound; I see them reading their book all the time. We will continue to make books all year, and they will be added to our classroom library.


Mr Muncher

Mr Muncher literacy or math center for kindergarten students. A fun, hands-on, play-based activity to practice letters or numbers.

This is a tennis ball that had a slit cut for the mouth and some googly eyes hot-glued to it. Students feed him the letters of the week and record them on the white board. You could also do this activity with numbers during math centers.

Number Provocation

Number provocation for math centers for kindergarten one-to-one correspondence. A fun, play-based center to practice counting and number recognition.

This number provocation was so easy to set up. I put out some numbers I got from Scholastic, some wooden blocks and dominoes. Students used one-to-one correspondence to build and match numbers.

Weekly Writing

FREEBIE journal writing template for literacy centers in kindergarten. Practice writing and drawing with this simple, free writing page.

We use this journal writing page every few weeks to assess where students’ writing skills are. We encourage them to try writing on their own, and edit their work. When they are done we ask them what their 2 stars (something they did well) and a wish (something they want to improve) are and we write them down so they know what to work on next time. You can get this as a free download:

Journal Writing Pages Freebie- Square Preview

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