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Take a Look Back #18

Copy of Instagram Posts of the Week 18

I feel like the time is flying by, and this week seemed to be over in no time! We had a lot of fun with our math and literacy centers, and we did lots of different art activities. Here is a snapshot of what happened in our classroom.

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Can you make a bat? 

This provocation had students using play dough to make bats. It included various loose parts (googly eyes, pattern blocks, pompoms, gems) and bat cookie cutters. I made black play dough to use in this center, I just added black food colouring to the regular play dough that I make.

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Can you make a colour wheel?

This painting provocation had our students mixing and colouring all week. They started off by trying to mix the primary colours to get the secondary colours, and they had trouble the first time they attempted to make their colour wheel. We read the book Mouse Paint, and discussed how to mix colours. Then our students wanted to try again to see if they could get all the secondary colours. They had a lot more success the second time, and it was a great learning experience. You can get the colour wheel template by downloading it below (I included color and colour):DOWNLOADinstagram11 (11)

Magnetic Letters Literacy Center

This is such an easy center to set up, but it provides students with lots of opportunities to practice writing their sight words. I have 3 of these books that I got from the dollar store, and every time we learn a new sight word I add it to the book. When students are doing literacy centers or writing, they can use these books to help them write their sight words.

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Paint the Sky!

This art provocation was set up after our students showed a real interest in painting this week. We read the book Sky Color, and the class was so engaged and excited that we put out this painting center to let them explore colours. We had yellow, red, orange, purple, white, black and green paint (no blue!) paint, and our students made some really colourful skies!

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