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Storage Ideas for the Classroom

storage in the classroom

You have collected some loose parts in the kindergarten classroom. Now you need to display them for your students to use. We have different ways that we like to put out our loose parts collections and other supplies, and here are some of our ideas.

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Large baskets are great for holding our bigger items like this set of wood burned blocks I made. This is an older basket that my mother-in-law was no longer using. I always keep an eye out for things that are no longer in use, and that can be brought into the classroom.

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Smaller baskets are always available at second hand stores, and they can be super inexpensive. I can always find a few to pick up for a dollar or less. They are perfect for displaying and keeping smaller loose parts in, like these wooden disks and peg people.

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Wooden bowls are another thing that can be found at thrift stores, and we like to use them for displaying loose parts and items that students will be using at centers. We can put a variety of materials out, and they are displayed in a way that is easily accessible to the students.

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This log is a favourite in our classroom. Students can get to the different crayons, and it looks awesome in the classroom. It is made out of an old log that my SO drilled holes into (using his drill press). It is now in its second year of use, and has held up well.

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This is a similar concept, except that we use it for our pencils. Again, my SO used his drill press and a scrap log to make it. So functional and it looks great in the classroom.

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These mason jars are usually on our art shelf (unless they are being used). I got them for free from a buy and sell group and they are perfect for displaying markers (our colour selection is severely lacking) and pencil crayons. We also have one that holds pencils (see previous picture).

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These clear 3-part storage containers were bought from the bathroom organization section at Wal-Mart (I have recently seen them at Dollar Tree too). These are great for our math loose parts, and they are perfect for showcasing the various objects in them. We have 3 of them that we use during math centers.

What are your favourite ways to display items in your classroom? Have you found any DIY solutions that work for you?

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    • Amanda B. says:

      Thank you so much! I made them myself. They are drawer pulls that I got in bulk. They come painted white, so I paint the tops red then use the other tip of the paintbrush to make the dots!

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