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Our Kindergarten Classroom Tour

A tour of our kindergarten classroom

I love our kindergarten classroom. Of course there are some things that I would change- it would be nice to have a bigger space, and the white boards could be lower; but my teaching partner and I worked hard to make it an inviting and comfortable place for students to learn.


Take a tour of our kindergarten classroom!

We use these 5 flower tables for our centers. We set up different centers on each table and students self-regulate and visit the centers that they choose. Usually we do literacy centers in the morning, and math centers in the afternoon. Want to know how I run centers? Take a look at My Ultimate Guide to Kindergarten Centers.

Our students also eat their snacks and lunch in the classroom.

Fine Motor Table/Cubbies

Take a tour of our kindergarten classroom!

We have a standing fine motor table that we change out weekly. We try to put out interesting activities there that students can re-visit throughout the week. If you would like some examples of what I do there, you can check out the post Cookie Cutter Fine Motor Activities or Fine Motor Centers.

Our cubbies are in the classroom, and our students get used to taking care of their belongings, and keeping it tidy (it does get tricky in  the winter with all their snowsuits!)

Carpet/Dramatic Play Center

Take a tour of our kindergarten classroom!

We use the carpet for large group input lessons. Our dramatic play center is changed out every few months depending on our students’ interests.

Sensory Bin


Our sensory bin is changed out every week, and this is a very popular center in our classroom. We like coming up with different things to put into it. Take a look at my How to Use Sensory Bins blog post to see some examples.

That is our classroom! We don’t have alternative seating, a theme, expensive decorations, but we love it that way. It becomes our second home during the school year, and our students are always excited to come through the door.

What do you have in your classroom that you love?

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