Organizing my teaching, professional and personal life

How do I keep my life organized? Keep reading to find out my tips and tricks for organizing my personal, professional and teaching life!

For a recent podcast episode (did you know I have a podcast? If you haven’t listened, you can check it out here) I had my Instagram followers ask me some questions. I answered them so you could get to know me better, and I had so much fun doing it!

One of the questions that I was asked the most was how I kept everything in my life organized: personal, my Creative Kindergarten store, blog, podcast and of course I still have a full time job (this year I am going to be taking on the role of Early Childhood Educator facilitator- I’m so excited!).

It’s not easy- it does take a lot of organization and time management skills. During the school year it can get quite difficult to keep everything going! I do have some tricks that I thought I could share with you. Make sure you read to the end, and share with me your best organization tips in the comments!

Personal Life


I have a calendar on my phone. I put everything in it as soon as it is scheduled. Or else I forget. It also makes it easier for me to schedule new appointments, or keep track of get-togethers.

Teaching Life

Google Keep

I have raved abut this app on my Instagram, and it is truly the best thing to keep me from losing my mind. There are lists for everything so I can keep track of what I have to photocopy, make, or buy.

I used to write all my lists on sticky notes, but then I would lose them or forget them somewhere and I wouldn’t be able to remember what I was supposed to do! This app has made my home and working life so much easier.


This is my first year with a planner. I think it is going to help me keep everything organized in my professional life. As I enter a new role, I think it is going to come in handy to make sure I can keep track of everything I have to do.

Professional Life


I have a 3-part notebook with a section for each of the big platforms I try to maintain: this blog, my e-mail Newsletter (which you can sign up for here, or at the end of this post), and my Podcast/YouTube Channel (if you don’t want to listen to a podcast, I put the video of it up for you to watch).

In the notebook, I keep to-do lists, ideas, and info for each of the platforms. These keep me on-task, and make my life easier by having it all in one place.

Time Management

An important aspect to keeping everything going is making sure I am using my time wisely. There are some things that I have to do in the daylight (recording podcasts, taking photos), and there are some other things that I can do any time. So I make sure I schedule my tasks accordingly.

I make a weekly schedule of tasks that I have to do each day, this ensures that I keep up with everything that I have to do on each of the platforms.


I am constantly making lists as I said above. They aren’t just to-do lists, but I also use them to keep track of my progress on certain things. That way I know where I am in the process, and I can easily pick up where I left off.

This might all seem like a lot, but it works for me. I also want to stress- I didn’t start all these things at once. I had my blog, then I started my store, then I went on Instagram and Facebook, next was a newsletter, and my latest adventure is starting up my podcast. I wouldn’t suggest putting too much on your plate at once. Get comfortable with one platform before starting a new one…. and one other BIG thing that helps me be able to do all these things: I don’t have kids!

Do you use any of these tricks to help you stay organized? Do you have any others that I am missing? Let me know in the comments!

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