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More Number Sense Activities

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I love having simple number sense math activities for the beginning of the school year. Centers that can challenge students and provide hands-on learning experiences. I put together this number sense pack with that in mind. I made it colorful and bright to be inviting and fun for our new students!


The first activity is write and swipe cards to practice representing numbers in different ways. It is a great way to introduce students to using ten frames, tally marks, dot patterns and number words.


Next is a matching game. There are so many different options for these cards: put them in a sensory bin and students have to find and math the cards, a memory game, or a matching game. You can also decide which cards you want students to use, for example, if you are working on tally marks and dot patterns, you could have students only use those cards.


This Stack ‘Em game has students build stacks on top of the numbers represented in different ways. You can use snap cubes, wood blocks or any other manipulative that can be stacked. There are 6 different versions of this game, so students will have the opportunity to explore all the numbers with ten frames, tally marks, numbers, number words, dot patterns and finger pictures.

This fun and colorful pack is available in my Teachers pay Teachers store:

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