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Canada Art in Kindergarten

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For our school’s Canada 150 project, our class was assigned to do artwork inspired by the province Nova Scotia. Our students were so interested in learning more about our country that we decided to explore some other Canadian provinces and territories.


We started off by looking at British Columbia and the artwork by Emily Carr. This inspiration to paint was perfect for students to explore the beautiful trees of B.C. Our students created some amazing pieces based on this art.


Next, we visited the territories and the rich indigenous cultures that are there. We began by looking at Ted Harrison art and students had a chance to make their own interpretations of his paintings.


We also discussed the significance of inuksuit to the culture of Inuit people and other peoples of the Arctic regions. Students had a chance to create their own inukshuk and discuss the different types and meaning behind each one.


Our students were inspired outside when they found rocks in our sandbox and started to make more inuksuit! Love it when they take their learning outside.


We then looked at our own province, Ontario, and our capital, Toronto. The unique skyline presented an opportunity to explore different shapes and the different sizes of the buildings. We had students try to create their own skyline art with different materials.


This loose parts center allowed them to create 3D models of the CN Towel.


Here is our display after we were done learning about the different provinces. Our students were starting to lose interest, so we decided to move on while we were ahead! They did such an amazing job with everything, and they learned so much in the process!

What are your favourite activities to teach students about your country?

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  1. Oh my gosh! The Ted Harrison interpretations of inuksuit art is fabulous! And I love how you mention them taking their art outside. Truth is, once the learning you have imparted makes it into their playtime, you KNOW you have succeeded!

    Let’s see…best idea I have to offer was when we created a cardboard boat on a skateboard and drew a map of an area (connected by a river) that we had been studying, with chalk on the sidewalk. They had so much fun with it and went rolling/sailing down the chalk river to trade at the cities on various points. 🙂

    • Amanda B. says:

      Thank you! We did these over several days so that we didn’t overwhelm them 🙂 We love giving them hands-on ways to learn about the things that interest them!

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