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Math Numbers Chart

When working on number sense with my students, I like to allow them to explore and manipulate numbers in different ways. Having an open-ended provocation with manipulatives and loose parts enables students to do just that! I love adding these kinds of activities to my math centers throughout the school year to see their learning progress.

math manipulatives

Choosing the materials to set out is always fun – I love finding new things to add to my learning centers! Here are a few examples of what you can use:

What do you like adding to your number provocations? Let me know in the comments!


Another great material to add to your number explorations is a variety of math books. These can explore different concepts, and so many great options exist.

My favourites include We All Count by Jason Adair and 10 on a Twig by Lo Cole.








free representing numbers chart

Having various tools available for students to reference is also essential to their learning success. They will do better with reminders and the ability to check and improve their work.

That’s why I created this double-sided I can show numbers with chart. Students can reference it as needed!

I have made the chart a free download in my Resource Library!


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