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Letter and Phonics Activities for Kindergarten

Letter and phonics activities for kindergarten students. Use for literacy centers and worksheets

Our students always need practice with letter sounds and letter formations. We love to give our students hands-on centers to get them to practice with the alphabet in different ways. I came up with this activity pack to make it easy for us to set-up centers, once students know how to do the center once, you don’t have to explain it again!

Letter rainbow writing letter formation worksheets for kindergarten

Letter Rainbow Writing

In this pack, there is a page for each letter of the alphabet. They roll a dice and trace over the letter using the color they landed on. Once they have gone through all the colors, they can draw a picture of something that begins with that letter. This is a great letter formation practice, and our students love to rainbow write so they do not even think they are working!

letter match phonics worksheets for kindergarten.

Letter Match!

With this activity, students pick a picture card then color in the letter that corresponds to the beginning sound. This is great phonics practice and has students really thinking about beginning sounds.

Letter match phonics worksheets for kindergarten

This pack includes a variety of different recording sheets, including uppercase and lowercase to best match what you are currently focusing on.

Literacy phonics center for kindergarten students. Pick a letter and cover the picture that begins with it.

Picture Match!

This is the same concept as the previous activity, but reversed. Students pick a letter and then have to cover the picture that begins with the sound. There is also a coloring sheet that can be used; it is the same page as above, but in black and white. They are a great hit with students that love to color, it doesn’t feel like work to them because they are enjoying themselves.

Pick and Draw!

This last recording sheet is a little more open-ended. Students can pick a letter, then draw something that begins with the letter. Or if you need a bit more of a challenge for your students, you can give them the picture cards, and they must pick a picture and draw something else that begins with the same letter.

letter match phonics activities for kindergarten

This product is made to work for you and your classroom- pick the skill you want to work on and use the color or black and white versions of the cards or worksheets. It is easy to change up, and can be used throughout the year to keep students working on phonics. You can get it in my store by clicking the link below:

Easy Print and Prep Activity Pack for Letters square preview

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