Instagram Posts of the Week #28- Arctic exploration with loose parts, fishing for sight words, math loose parts, 100th day of school and more!

Take a look back on some activities that we did in our kindergarten classroom. Arctic loose parts play, fishing for sight words, math loose parts center and 100th day of school centers.

There have been so many fun things happening in our classroom lately. Our students have been so creative and we have been having a great time learning and playing in kindergarten! Here are a few things that we have been up to:

Arctic small world play with loose parts for kindergarten unit on animal habitats

Arctic Small World Play Center

Our students have loved playing in our small world play center this week. They had a chance to make different habitats for the different animals and I love how they used all of the materials to create their small worlds.

Arctic small world play with loose parts for kindergarten unit on animal habitats

This student used all the white pieces to create the snow for the land animals, and blue pieces for the water animals. Then he used the wood slices and pine-cone to make a tree. So creative, and fun!

Loose parts number provocation for kindergarten math center.

Math Loose Parts Provocation

My teaching partner set this math center up for our students this week. They were encouraged to pick a number and add that number of beads to the stick. For our higher students, we encouraged them to add numbers together. They had a great time using the beads, and this was some great fine motor work too. We heard lots of great math talk happening at this center, and it was a great way to get students to work on their one-to-one correspondence.

100th day of school activities and centers for kindergarten students.

100th Day of School

Our 100th day of school is on February 9th so I have started to prepare our centers so we are ready for the day. We love giving the students the opportunity to play and work together with different materials. We spend our day counting to 100 in different ways, and we use these centers to celebrate! If you would like to do them with your class, you can get them from my store here:

100 days of school square preview

Ice fishing sight word center for kindergarten literacy activity

Fishing for Sight Words

This one was a favourite center this week. Students used the fishing poles to catch fish then recorded the sight words that were written on them.

Ice fishing sight word center for kindergarten literacy activity

I made the fishing poles out of dowels, twine and magnets. The fish were printed (I have no idea from where- I’ve had them for a while) and laminated. I hole punched them and put a paperclip through the hole so the magnet had something to attach to. Then, I used a Sharpie to write the sight words on the back (I will use hand sanitizer to wipe off the marker when we are done so I can use them again). If you would like to use the recording sheet for this center, you can download it for free:


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