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Digital Kindergarten Counting Activities

Title: "Digital Kindergarten Counting Activities"

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Reinforce important math skills with these digital kindergarten counting activities. In addition, students will have fun practicing one-to-one correspondence!

Learning how to count and using one-to-one correspondence skills is the foundation for future math skills that your students will need. However, it is a jump from being able to rote count to be being able to count objects within a set.

I developed these digital kindergarten counting activities to make practicing these skills engaging and interactive. Students have to follow the recipe card by dragging and dropping the correct amount of objects.

Kindergarten Counting Activities

Each card has a unique recipe card that students have to follow. They drag and drop the correct number of objects to match the recipe. This forces the students to only drag and drop one object at a time. This will make students slow down as they count.

They also have to physically move the object to the drop zone, ensuring that they move their finger as they count.

Digital Task Cards

Depending on what platform you use with your students, you can pick which one best suits your needs: Google or Boom Cards.

I personally like the Boom Cards because they are self-correcting, so students have to count the right number of objects to proceed. This will make sure that they are counting correctly.

Jamboard is another great platform for students to use because you can work on it at the same time with your students and see what they are doing.


I made 12 different sets of these counting activities so that you can find one that your students will enjoy. Buy all of them in the bundle (at a discounted price) or find a set that you like:

Do you use digital activities in your classroom? Let me know in the comments which platform you like to use!

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