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Healthy Eating Celebration

We recently finished our unit on healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. We had some great discussions with students about everyday foods and sometimes foods, the four food groups and what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy.

To wrap up and tie our learning all together, we hosted a Healthy Eating Celebration in our classroom. The class decided on a menu, making sure that we had food from all 4 food groups. Each student was tasked to bring in one item of food. Then, we washed, chopped and prepared all the food for our snacks and lunch. The students had a great time preparing all the food and they were so excited to eat what they had prepared. This is what our first snack looked like:


Our art center was also set-up to make some food prints. We used our plastic food from the dramatic play center, dipped them in paint and made ‘food prints’. The students were interested to see the different textures and what they looked like printed on paper.


It was a pretty exhausting day, but well worth-it. Students tried food that they hadn’t had before and had some hands-on experience with the food we had been discussing for weeks prior.

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