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We have been graphing everything that you can think of in our classroom over the past few weeks. From graphing our favourite arctic animals, the weather or our favourite type of music – we’ve done it all.

music graph
Do not judge my title writing abilities! I thought I hadn’t finished writing the question and made the mistake and only realized it now!

In order for the students to get a good understanding of graphing, I created a hands-on activity that will allow them to graph no matter their skill level. Students can create their own graphs using 1 of my 2 simple templates.

For both templates, a space is provided for them to write their question for the survey, tally the answers they receive from their peers and a place to graph.

2 sheets are included:

The first is a simple graph that will have a yes or no answer. This includes a space where they can keep track of how many people have answered their question and the simple question: “Which had the most votes? yes or no.”

The second is a more complex graphing sheet which they can use to ask their own question with lots of space to record the data they collect.

These sheets can be used as an assessment tool, or for reinforcing graphing, tallies or surveys.

The students in my class had a blast coming up with their own questions and asking their peers for their answers.

Download this activity from my Teachers Pay Teachers store for $1:

Make your own Graph

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