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Dice Math Centers For Kindergarten

Dice Math: Reinforce number sense and math skills with these dice math centers. These activities will work on numbers, addition, subtraction, and more!

Dice Math: Reinforce number sense and math skills with these dice math centers. These activities will work on numbers, addition, subtraction, and more!

Dice are such a great way to build on students’ number sense skills. They are great for subitizing, one-to-one correspondence, and can be used to build addition and subtraction skills.

All this and students love using dice because it feels like they are playing a game instead of doing math ‘work’!

I developed these math activities with this in mind, and I know our students have loved visiting these centers. If you want to know more about how I use these types of activities in my classroom, you can visit my post Everything You Need to Know About Math Centers.

Number sense work mats

These re-usable dice mats are great for building on students’ number sense. They are a perfect challenge for this time in the school year, when students have been practicing using ten frames, tallies and number lines. I love the extra challenge of the number bonds.

Number Sense can be so fun to work, and I love coming up with new hands-on centers for my students.

dice addition

This activity is another great reusable activity. This one will work on their addition skills. They roll two dice, then write the addition sentence to match. They can keep using these mats, by wiping off their answer and doing it again!

I outline more addition centers in Kindergarten Addition blog post, check it out if you need more ideas.

Dice math worksheets

The worksheets in this pack will work on a variety of skills and are great for assessing and reviewing.

An easy way to introduce or review addition and subtraction. The students need to roll a dice twice, record the numbers they got, and then add the two numbers together.

For the subtraction worksheet, it is better if they have two dice that they roll at the same time. This way, they can compare the two numbers and record the biggest number first, then subtract the smaller number from it.

My Kindergarten Subtraction blog post highlights more ideas for practicing this skill.

This activity is similar to the ones above, but with the added challenge of drawing the dice faces that they rolled.

count and write

Count and Write has students fill in the addition math sentences using the dice that are on the page. Great for assessing students’ knowledge and making sure students are on the right track.

dice math word problems

This is my favourite worksheets out of the whole pack! It really makes our students think of the different strategies that they can use when adding or subtracting.

They roll two dice, then draw the dot patterns. Then they have to use those two numbers in a number sentence (you can do addition or subtraction), and draw a picture of the number sentence. Finally, they have to show their number sentence another way- I used tallies, but they could use ten frames, number line, or any other strategy that they like.

If your students like this activity, I have a FREE Addition and Subtraction Stories template that you can use.

All of these activities are available on their own or in a bundle:


What  is your favourite use for dice? Do you use them a lot in your classroom? Let me know in the comments!

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