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Boom Cards Directional Coding Activity

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Image is of a tablet with coding activity on the screen. A child's finger is pointing to the right answer on the coding grid.

Use a digital task cards coding activity to practice directional coding skills and how to follow a code with your kindergarten students.

There are so many different ways that you can work on coding skills with your students. You can begin with offline coding activities or practice with some Unplugged Coding if you are just starting out.

When your students are ready for some directional coding practice, this set of Complete the Code Boom Cards is the perfect set of digital task cards!

Follow the Code

The first activity has students follow the set of arrows to determine where their character has ended up. If they can interpret the code correctly, they will be able to click on the correct object.

This helps students learn how to follow the code and use their spatial reasoning to determine how their character moves on the grid.

Complete the Code

The second activity will have students complete the code by dragging and dropping the correct arrow. Finally, students will have to figure out which of the arrows is the correct one to ensure their character continues on the right path.

With this activity, students are using their mapping skills to move the character correctly on the grid.

Boom Cards Coding Activity

I have created a whole set of these Boom Cards for you to choose from – there are 12 different themes! Get them all in the bundle (at a discount!) so that you can use them all year, or pick a set that you know your students will love:

Do you teach coding to your kindergarten students? Let me know in the comments what your favourite activity is!

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