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Can You Find The… Number Recognition Math Game

Playing games with your students is a great way to get students excited to learn about numbers. This number recognition math game is great for large groups or during center time.

I have been using these Can You Find The… games for a few years in my classroom. They are always so much fun to play, and my students are so excited when they see it. I had made a few sets in the past, but recently I uploaded a bundle of these games that you can use all year.

How to Play

I like to put the number cards in a pocket chart so that students can see all the cards, and they don’t move. Once the cards are in the pocket chart, have students shut their eyes and place the object card (in this case the umbrella) behind one of the numbers. Students can open their eyes, and start guessing which number the object is hiding behind. They love this part! Keep guessing until they find the number!

Numbers, Tallies, Ten Frames

You can decide which form your numbers take and which numbers you want to use (1-5, 1-10, 10-20, 1-20. Pick the numbers that work for your class). You can also decide to work on tallies or ten frame!

Asking Questions

This is a perfect time to discuss some number sense questions! You can talk about

  • bigger or smaller numbers, fewer/less than/more than
  • what number is before or after,
  • what numbers look like,
  • groups of 5 with tally marks,
  • groups of 10 with ten frames,
  • when placing the numbers to start a game, discuss how to put them in order, where they fall (think about it like a number line)

There are so many great opportunities for math talks during this game. Let your students talk about their answers, ask them questions and make this a great learning opportunity for your students. If your students need more number practice, check out this blog post for more ideas.

Small Groups

Now that you have shown your students how to play, you can have this as a center for students to visit. Groups of 2-4 students can play on their own. My students have loved this center, and it is frequently visited. Here is a blog post about Boom Cards, another great independent center for your students.

If you would like to play this game with your students, all the packs can be found here (and there is links for the individual games if you would like to buy only one):

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