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I bought the book 10 Black Dots by Donald Crews over the summer, and I was so excited to use it in the classroom!

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I started by reading the book with our class and counting the dots on each of the pages. Then I set up a small world play center where students could create their own images using black dots. I cut some circles out of felt, and also put out 10 black gems. Added in some other loose parts and let students explore and create.


Love all their awesomely creative ideas: teddy bears, people, family at the movie theater, gardens!

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They got a chance to use the materials any way that they wanted. There was: gems, popsicle sticks, wood numbers, peg people, buttons, and small dowels.

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The next week, we made a class book together. Every student got a chance to create their own image using black dots. We cut out a whole lot of black dots out of construction paper and let them create whatever they wanted.

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I put them together into a book so that students can look through it whenever they want! They love seeing themselves as authors and illustrators.

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If you would like to create your own class book, I am offering it as a freebie! I made it in two versions. The PDF is not editable so you would have to write in your class name, the Word document can be edited to add your name and the date to it.

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10 Black Dots Class Book – Word Version

10 Black Dots Class Book – PDF Version

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