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Winter Math and Literacy Centers

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I like to change my centers depending on the season that we are in. That way, students stay interested in what they are working on, and you can keep working on the same skills without boring them! We used these fall centers for the past few months, and now I have changed them out to include more winter-appropriate activities!

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Spinner math games are always a huge hit in our kindergarten classroom. They can be used to work on a variety of skills, and this math pack has a few different versions for you. The spinner games can be used to work on tally marks or ten frames.

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It also includes spinners for numbers 1-10 or 11-20. Perfect for differentiating and challenging students when they are at different levels.

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Students getting tired of using spinners? No problem! You can take out the mats that use dice. Again, there are many versions for you to choose from: tally marks or ten frames, numbers 1-6 (roll and cover) or 2-12 (roll, add and cover).

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Need to work on representing numbers in different ways? Well there are two work mats that are perfect for just that.

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Graphing is also included in this pack, and these are great when they are paired with some mini erasers!

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The literacy pack includes 40 sight word snowflakes with 3 different recording sheets to help your students read and write their sight words. I’ve used these as centers, write-the-room activities and in sensory bins. So versatile.

All these activities are available individually, or in a bundle!

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Spin a Number Winter Work Mats SQUARE  snowflake math pack square  Sight Word Pack square

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