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Take a look back #70 – Easter STEM challenge, fine motor push pin freebie, cloud sight words, and more!

Easter STEM challenge, fine motor push pin spring activity freebie, Easter gift tag for co-workers free download, cloud sight word center for kindergarten

It is the start of a 4 day weekend, and I am excited to get some much needed rest. I caught a cold that was going through our class and now I am stuck with a nasty cough! I hope you are staying healthy, and that you enjoy the time off with friends and family.

Easter STEM Challenge

Easter STEM challenge for kindergarten building provocation. Work on problem-solving skills with this fun spring activity.

We challenged our students to build a tower using these bunnies (I bought them from the dollar store a few years ago) and cards. One student got up to 5 layers before someone knocked the table and made it tumble over. This was an absolute favorite center, and I loved watching our students try different strategies to build their tower to be the tallest.

Cloud Sight Words

Cloud sight word literacy center for kindergarten. A great, hands-on activity to reinforce sight words with a spring theme.

We practiced our sight words with this fun literacy center. Students picked a cloud, then built the letters using cotton balls. They loved figuring out how to form each of the letters, and it was a great way to reinforce sight words without any paper. You could easily make your own cloud sight words, but if you would like this set, they come in this pack:

rainy day square thumbnail

Easter Push PinĀ Center

Practice fine motor skills with this easter or spring themed push pin fine motor center. Download this activity for free

This week’s fine motor activity uses push pins to trace the outline of the Easter and Spring images. Our students loved doing these, and because they are smaller, they took the perfect amount of time to complete.

If you like to use this activity with your class, it is a FREE download in my Resource Library!

Easter Gift Tag

A free download for a cute Easter gift tag that you can give to co-workers.

Did you give a gift to your co-workers for Easter? I put together this cute gift tag and attached it to face masks as a little treat for the long weekend.

If you would like to use these tags, I have put them up in my Resource Library as a free download.

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