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Take a Look Back #51- Apple sensory bin, popsicle stick letters, dinosaur math provocation, and more!

Fall, apple sensory bin inspiration, rock painting fine motor station, dinosaur counting math center and popsicle stick letter formation literacy cards

We are in our second week of school and our students are starting to understand the rules and routines of  being in school. We were able to get to some really great centers this past week, and I thought I should share a few of them

Apple Sensory Bin

Apple themed sensory bin for fall. Work on number recognition and number formation skills with the number set sheets.

We used oatmeal as the base for this sensory bin, then added some cinnamon sticks, fake apples and scooping tools. For an added math component, we added number cards that students had to pick out, then trace on the recording sheet. It’s a great activity to reinforce number formations.

Sensory Bin Math Sets- Square preview

Counting Dinosaurs

Simple math center provocation for kindergarten. Number sense skills, number recognition and one-to-one correspondance using cards and dinosaur counters.

My teaching partner set out this really simple math provocation, and it was perfect for getting a quick, informal assessment of our students’ number sense skills. They picked a card, then picked out that number of dinosaurs to match. Great for one-to-one correspondence, counting skills and number recognition.

Popsicle Stick Letters

Popsicle stick letter formation and letter recognition work mats for kindergarten literacy centers of morning work bins.

Our students loved using these cards to build different letters. They were engaged for a long time at this center, and were really focused on forming each of the letters properly with the right sized sticks. This was great for teaching letter formation and recognition.

Popsicle Stick Letters square preview

Painting Rocks

Painting rocks fine motor center for kindergarten literacy, math or art center

We kept it extra simple at out fine motor station. Students painted the rocks with water and had fun experimenting with lines. This was so simple to set up, and students returned to it again and again.

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