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St-Patrick’s Day Write the Room

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Searching through Pinterest recently, I could not find any Write the Room activities for St-Patrick’s Day that I liked. There were some that were good, but just not what I was looking for.

In our classroom we have really been pushing the students to write whole sentences using their sight words. We have also been working tirelessly on getting them to “Bump Up” their work by using appropriate punctuation, uppercase letters only to start a sentence, and using spaces between words (My Make a Sight Word Sentence literacy center was great practice for them).

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All this to say is that when I created this write around the room activity, I included a worksheet that is a little different. Instead of just copying a sight word that they find, they have to write a sentence with it! I also made a regular recording sheet if your class is practicing reading writing their sight words!

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To sum up, this download includes: 42 sight word cards with a cute shamrock picture (40 pre-primer sight words + lie & at), and 2 worksheets!

This would also make a great addition to your sandbox or your St-Patrick’s Day themed sensory bin!

Download this activity for $2 from my Teachers pay Teachers store:

St-Patrick’s Day Write the Room

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