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Snowball Fight!

I am pretty excited to share the new sight word game I made for our classroom!


It contains 44 sight words (the 40 Dolch pre-primer list and 4 extra words) on a mitten, and each sight word has its letters on a snowball. The point of the game is to match all the letters to their sight word. I would not suggest using all 44 words at one time, but use the ones that you are currently working on or those that the students need extra help with.

can mitten sight word

There are many uses for this game, but I will list only a few for you here:

  1. Add them to your sensory bin, the students will have to dig out all the letters and words to match them up.
  2. play a memory game.
  3. put the letters out on a table, mix them up, and let the students try to unscramble them.
  4. you can display the words around your classroom for a write-the-room activity (there is even a recording sheet included for this purpose!)

I can’t wait to use this activity with my students!

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Snowball Fight!

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