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Rock Garden Sensory Bin

Spring looks to have finally sprung in these parts, and we are bringing it into the classroom. We have had many discussions about the season and weather changes these past few weeks (even though it was technically spring, the snow and cold temperatures made it difficult for the students to comprehend the season changing!) Now that the beautiful weather has arrived, we made an inviting sensory bin for the students to use.


They have enjoyed planting their own flowers and digging at the rocks, it has been great watching them ‘garden’.

Included in our sensor bin:

  • rock, and lots of them (we used different shapes, sizes and colours to keep it interesting!)
  • fake flowers (again, lots of different colours and types)
  • plastic containers for planting
  • mini garden tools (I found these at the dollar store – they have metal and wood, and are quite sturdy)


We will continue with our spring activities over the next few weeks. We will be investigating flowers and planting some vegetables in our classroom.

Have I mentioned that I love this time of year?

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