Rainbow Sensory Bin

With St-Patrick’s Day coming up, our sensory bin needed to be changed, and we decided to make some rainbow coloured pasta to fill it.


The pasta was super simple to dye: just place some dried pasta in a large zip lock bag (we used penne), add a few squirts of hand sanitizer and a few drops of food colouring, close the bag and shake it up!

By mixing some of the food colouring we were able to get all 7 colours we needed to complete the rainbow. The students had a blast making the pasta, and loved seeing the colours laid out in the bin.


My teaching partner made some pot of gold sight words for the bin to add a fun literacy element to it. The students have to find a pot of gold, read the sight word and record it on a sheet.You can get the sight words as a free download here.

We will be doing lots of fun rainbow activities coming up in the next few weeks, and getting our class ready for St-Patrick’s Day!


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