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Pumpkin Math Bundle


The students were really excited to play math games these past few weeks. Spinner and roll the dice games have been a big hit and they have really mastered how to do them. They were my inspiration for this new set of games I put together.

 My new math pack has students work on addition, tally marks, ten frames, graphing and more!
The different math games use dice or spinners to allow students to play games that challenge them to recognize numbers in different ways.



This pack includes:

*4 roll-and-cover games:
— roll and cover ten frames (1 die)
— roll, add and cover ten frames (2 dice)
— roll and cover tally marks (1 die)
— roll, add and cover tally marks (2 dice)

* 4 spin-and-cover games:
— spin and cover ten frames (numbers 1-10)
— spin and cover ten frames (numbers 11-20)
— spin and cover tally marks (numbers 1 to 10)
— spin and cover tally marks (numbers 11 to 20)

* Spin and graph pumpkin worksheet
* Spin and write worksheet (students spin, then write the number, show it with tally marks and on a ten frame)

These ten activities can be alternated to keep students interested on working on number sense and recognizing and showing numbers on ten frames and with tally marks.


Print enough work mats for a center and laminate them so they can be reused throughout the year!

This whole pack (all 10 activities!) is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store for only $3.00!

Pumpkin Math Games Bundle

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