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Ontario Kindergarten Program FREE Video Series

When I started working in an Ontario Kindergarten classroom, I quickly became overwhelmed with the Ontario Kindergarten Program document. It is huge! I started reading it, but there was so much information, and I didn’t know where to start or how to implement what I was reading in the classroom.

Flash forward to 9 years later, and I still don’t know the whole Program, but I have a much better understanding of it. So I decided to record a video series to get Ontario kindergarten educators excited to learn more about the Program and not feel overwhelmed by all the information it contains.

Read on to find out how to sign up for the FREE video series, and if you want to hear even more of my thoughts on the kindergarten program, listen to the Creative Kindergarten podcast and follow me on Instagram!

The Ontario Kindergarten Program

The first step to becoming familiar with the Program document? Read it! You can download a PDF version or order a hard copy. The printed version is my preference – I love to highlight and tab it so I can return to it as needed (you can see that my copy has been used quite a bit!)

Once you have your copy of the Ontario Kindergarten Program, you are ready to dive in!

Free Video Series

Want to hear my thoughts and experiences with the Program document? Sign up for my FREE video series, where I walk you through some of the most important parts. There are 10 videos (+1 introductory video) that you can watch:

  1. Overview of the Ontario Kindergarten Program
  2. The Four Frames of the Ontario Kindergarten Program
  3. Kindergarten Literacy Instruction
  4. Documenting and Assessing
  5. Flow of the Day
  6. Inclusive Classroom Environment
  7. The Kindergarten Classroom Environment
  8. Playful Pedagogy
  9. Inquiry in the Kindergarten Classroom
  10. Frequently Asked Questions About the Ontario Kindergarten Program

Whether you are a first-time kindergarten educator or have been teaching for a long time, there is something for everyone! I love reflecting on my practice and growing as an educator, so I always look for new learning opportunities.

Sign Up

Get started and watch the video series by signing up here!

Let me know in the comments – what is your favourite part of the Ontario Kindergarten Program? What are your questions about it? What do you struggle with? I want to know your thoughts on the document!

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