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New Hands-On Math Centers!

New Hands-On Math Centers- Blog

I have added three new activities to my Easy Print and Prep Kindergarten Math Centers Bundle. I try to stay clear of using worksheets in our kindergarten classroom- I prefer to use hands-on activities and I find that students learn just as much, but they enjoy playing much more! Here is a deeper look into each one of them, and how they can be used:

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Subtraction Parking Lot has students park the car cards into the right spot. They must solve the subtraction sentence, then put it on the answer. I know my students love anything with cars, so I have a feeling that they are going to love using this activity.

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Spin a Pattern! has students make a pattern following a rule. I love how this can be used with so many different materials and will have students practicing the various skills needed when patterning. They will have to identify a rule, follow it, extend it, and find the core. All with a simple activity that is easy to set up.

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Cover the Number! has students move around the outside of the game board, and they must cover whichever number that they land on. This game will have them practicing their number recognition skills, as well as their subitizing abilities. I have included 3 different game boards so that students will have a variety to keep them from getting bored.

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These and so many more activities are included in my Easy Print and Prep Kindergarten Math Centers Bundle! You can buy the packs individually or get a really great deal and buy them altogether! Here they are:

  Bundle Preview

Patterning Preview    Subtraction Preview    Number Sense Preview

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