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Name Writing Prompt Freebie

In my last post I talked about how we are focusing on getting our students to write their names. We have set up some centers to help them work on getting them to spell their names correctly and to use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately.


For this center, the letter beads and pipe cleaners were put out, along with their name rocks (we put each child’s name on their own rock. We use them for activities like these and for attendance in the morning) for them to make their own name bracelets.


At this center, the students used their name tiles, letter rocks and foam pieces to build their names. We made each student their own name tile card (I used the template from here) and they use them to match up all the letters to their names.


This name writing prompt was also a useful way to get students writing and thinking about their names. We began by reading the book The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi and the students had to think of reasons why they liked their names. We also sent a note home to students’ families and asked them to send in a story on how they chose their child’s name.

If you would like to use this writing prompt, I am offering it to you for free:

“I like my name because…” Writing Prompt

What great name activities have you used in your classroom? What works best for you?

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