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Making 5 – A New Math Center

This is not the nicest picture of this center – we ran out of laminating just before I made this new center, so I used these handy page protectors. They work great – they just don’t take the best pictures!

This is my newest math center that I have added to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It is a fun hands-on math activity that the students really enjoyed working with. Students must come up with different ways of making the number 5. I started off by placing 5 two-color counters inside a small cup. I showed the students how to spill the counters out of the cup and place them on the work mat. They then counted how many red counters they had, and how many yellow they had. They then recorded their answer in two different ways. This was such a great center to practice number writing as well as showing how to make 5 before moving on to larger numbers.i-can-make-five-preview

This pack includes two pages:

*The first sheet is a work mat that can be laminated to be re-used,
*The second page is a worksheet that students can use to show their answers.

This pack is available in my Teachers pay Teachers store for $1.00

I Can Make Five! Math Center

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