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Letter and List Writing Practice

We try to get our students to explore using different writing styles. We often get them to write stories, simple sentences, letters and lists. The last two forms of writing often need more guidance to get students to write them the correct way. We find it helpful to have a poster and a template for them to use in these cases so that students have a visual aid to guide them.


We began by asking students to make a list of foods that they like. We used the poster, template and writing prompt from my List Writing Pack. Our students wrote someĀ  great lists and had a lot of great choices (cake, cupcakes, pizza and ice cream were some of my favourites).

If you like my List Writing Pack, I also have a Letter Writing Pack.

…Or for an even better deal you can get both in a bundle and save $1.00 when you get them together!


Letter and List Writing Activities Bundle

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