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Kindergarten Classroom Themes: Should you use a theme or not?

Find out why you do not need kindergarten classroom themes to be an amazing and effective educator. Instead, create a sense of belonging for your students.

At the beginning of each school year, I see Instagram perfect pictures of beautifully decorated kindergarten classrooms. I always look at these images in awe and wonder how educators have put together such beautiful rooms for their students. Do you find yourself comparing your own kindergarten classroom themes to these social media posts?

I have some strong feelings about using themes for your classroom, and I go in-depth for all my reasons to not have one. Listen to my reasons why, and reflect on your own practices in the classroom. Then, leave me a comment to tell me how you feel!

Student Voice in the Classroom Environment

Ensure that your kindergarten classroom environment (including bulletin boards) reflect the voices of the students.

One of the most important aspects of the kindergarten classroom space is ensuring that your students feel that they are a part of a community and that they are welcome. As educators, we can make sure that every child is honoured in our classroom by allowing their voices to be the center of a classroom space – not a theme.

Take a look at the back-to-school bulletin board that was co-created with my students a few years ago. This held so much more meaning for them than one that I would have created myself. Letting students have agency in their own space is important to creating a sense of belonging for them.

Using QR codes in the classroom environment is another great way to allow your students’ voices to be (literally) heard and highlighted in their space. Think about other ways that you can honour the students (and families) that are in your room.

Kindergarten Classroom Themes

Why you do not need a theme in your kindergarten classroom.

Should you have a theme in kindergarten? In my experience, no. There are a few reasons I believe this:

  • Your money can be better spent on materials that will have a more significant impact on your students.
  • Use the classroom as the third teacher and prioritize students’ needs in the space.
  • It can be wasteful re-making kindergarten classroom theme items every year.
  • You want your students to feel connected to this space as they learn, a theme does not make that happen.

What can you do instead? Start with some blank walls and spaces, and let your students fill them with pictures, paintings and images. You can also have tools available to them that will aid in their learning throughout the year (sight words, numbers, etc.) Then, let your students decide what they would like in their space!

In summary, having a theme for your classroom does not dictate your worth as a kindergarten educator and you definitely don’t need one.

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts and opinions are on kindergarten classroom themes!

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  1. Nilda Sandoval says:

    Thank you. I was resisting to find a theme for my classroom. I came across a “bee theme” years ago because it matched our school colors and I found a cute fabric that I made into curtains. Those curtains are ready to be retired and I thought about adopting a new theme. I do not feel bad that I will not have one. Have a great school year. We go back tomorrow.

  2. Peggy says:

    Thank you for confirming what I had been contemplating over this week. This will be my second year teaching kindergarten. I had the same reasons to not have a theme as you. I had finally come to the conclusion that our kindergarten classroom will be amazing enough with busy centers as the children learn and interact with each other in their own environment. So I made a big poster that says, Amazing Things Happen in Kindergarten with bright colors around the room and plenty of learning tools and games. When others visit or past by, they will see just that among the children and their work posted around the classroom.

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