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Kindergarten Classroom Decor – What’s on Your Walls?

Reflect on your kindergarten classroom decor and the items that are displayed on the walls and how you can be purposeful with your choices.

Your kindergarten classroom decor can be an opportunity to provide meaningful tools to your students. You can also create a space where students feel a sense of belonging. In this second post about the kindergarten classroom environment, I reflect on the items that educators put on the walls and how we can be purposeful with our choices.

What are you putting up on your classroom walls? Let me know in the comments!

Kindergarten Classroom Decor

Thinking of the classroom environment as the third teacher, educators need to be mindful of what they are putting on the walls. Do you want to have kindergarten classroom decor, or do you want an environment that is purposeful and meaningful to your students?

The walls in the classroom provide an opportunity to display pictures of your students and families, their art or showcase the learning that is taking place. Putting up themed decorations does not provide the same opportunity.

Decorations or Tools?

Another consideration when making decisions about what to put on the classroom walls is the tools that students can use. These would be things like a sight word wall, letter/number posters, anchor charts, etc.

These are important for students to use while they are learning, and making sure they are in the right location is necessary:

  • At the children’s eye level so that they can easily see the tool;
  • Refer to the tool when providing instruction so that students know where to look when they need a tool;
  • Co-create anchor charts with students so that they are meaningful to them.

Again, items that are put up need to be useful and appropriate for your students. The tools that are displayed and available can (and should) change according to their needs throughout the school year.

In summary, your kindergarten classroom decor does not need to be “cute”, but rather what you decide to display should serve a function.

Let me know in the comments what your opinions are on kindergarten classroom decor!

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