Instagram Posts of the Week #66- fun class book, construction sensory bin and play dough, and more!

Community Helper theme in kindergarten with a sensory bin, play dough center, fine motor skills, and a class book about teachers. Have fun with the hands-on ideas for kindergarten activities.

These past couple of weeks we have been learning about community helpers, and our students have loved everything to do with construction workers. We have based a lot of our centers around this theme, and they have all been a hit!

Here is a look at what we have been doing:

If I Became the Teacher Class Book

Community helper class book for kindergarten students writing activity. If students became the teacher is a fun writing prompt for creative writing.

When I told the students what our writing activity was going to be, they were so excited to get started! They had some amazing ideas of what they would do if they were the teacher for the day, and I loved seeing their creative writing.

Community helper class book for kindergarten students writing activity. If students became the teacher is a fun writing prompt for creative writing.

I turned their writing into a class book so that they can read through it whenever they want. They love the books we make together, and they are a favorite choice when they have reading time. We make a new book every few weeks so we have a great collection now.

If  you would like to make this book with your class, you can find it here:


Construction Sensory Bin

Construction site sensory bin for community helper theme in kindergarten. Hands-on learning with this fun construction sensory bin.

We change out our sensory bin weekly, and last week we used our students’ interest in construction workers to inspire us to make this one. They had a great time playing with the different materials, and digging with the machines.

Do you make sensory bins for your students? Let me know your favorite material in the comments below!

Construction Fine Motor Center

Construction worker inspired fine motor station. Use these fun task cards with tools to work on fine motor skills with kindergarten students.

The construction worker theme was also used in our fine motor station this week. Students used Duplo to duplicate the task cards, and they could also use the tools when they were building. They loved this center and returned to it over and over again all week. It is such a fun way to work on fine motor skills!

Want to use this activity with your students? Find it here:

fine motor activities square cover

Construction Play Dough

Construction worker play dough community helper activity. A fun, hands-on fine motor station for construction theme.

Our students loved this play dough invitation! They were able to build and create using the materials, and they made some wonderful creations. The little signs were created by printing construction signs on card stock (make 2 copies), then I cut them out and hot glued them together with a small dowel between them. Our students loved the signs, and they were a great added touch to this play dough set!

March Homework Challenges

Kindergarten homework challenges to work on skills at home with families. A perfect way to involve families in their child's learning in an easy and fun way!

Every month we send home a page of Homework Challenges. These are easy ways that students can work on skills we are learning at school at home. Our families love them, and our students love sharing their work with the rest of the class when they finish the challenges.

Want to send these home to your families? Get them here:

Editable Monthly Challenges square cover

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