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Instagram Posts of the Week #65: Todd Parr artwork, rainbow necklace fine motor, snowy bird art and building block sight words

Todd Parr artwork inspiration, rainbow necklaces fine motor, snowy bird art project and building block sight words. Get ideas for your literacy, math and art centers for your kindergarten classroom.

This has been a busy few weeks in kindergarten! We had our electives day (students pick from a variety of activities, and our whole school goes on a field trip at the same time), 100th day of school, and Valentine’s Day! So many great things happening, but it was tiring. Here are some activities we did in between all the chaos:

Todd Parr Art

Todd Parr inspired art for kindergarten using primary colors.

We put some Todd Part art pieces next to the paint easel and let students paint what they wanted. We had been discussing primary colors, so I only put those three paints out, and some black too. They did such an amazing job, and I loved seeing all their creativity. We try to change out the art inspiration at the easel weekly, and this week it has some pieces by Monet.

Rainbow Necklaces Fine Motor Center

Fine Motor center for kindergarten. Make a rainbow necklace using straws and scissors.

Our fine motor center had a simple set-up: some multi-colored straws, scissors and string. Students cut up the straws and then strung the pieces on the string to make a necklace. So simple, but they loved it. It was not only great for working on their fine motor skills, but they were also practicing counting, patterning and sorting!

Snowy Birds Art

Snowy Birds winter art project for kindergarten. Fun artwork activity

Our students love art projects. We can easily do pieces that take two days to complete, and they are able to follow along and are excited to finish their piece. For this project, we started by ripping pieces of brown construction paper and gluing it to make the branch. Then students used their finger in white paint to make the snowflakes. On the second day, they colored in the bird with oil pastels, cut it out, and glued it their painting. They turned out so cute!

You can get the template for this art project from Krokotac!

Building Blocks Sight Words

Building blocks sight word literacy center for kindergarten. Practice sight word recognition and spelling with this hands-on, and fun center.

We practiced sight word recognition and spelling with this fun literacy center. Students used the different building block pieces to make something on the work mat, then they recorded the sight words they used with a whiteboard marker. They can erase and start over as many times as they want!

If you would like to try this literacy activity with your students, you can get it here:

Sight Word Building Blocks Square preview

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