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Instagram Posts of the Week #41- New loose parts, Truffula Tree sight words & math game, and rainy day sight words and

Instagram Posts of the Week 41

Spring weather has finally started to appear in this corner of the world. It has warmed up a little, and it has been raining a lot! We celebrated earth day be reading The Lorax, and having fun with Truffula Trees.

1. Truffula Tree Sight Words

Truffula tree sight word activity to celebrate earth day . Practice spelling sight words with this simple literacy activity.

For this Truffula Tree sight word center, I pre-cut the tops of the trees but let students do the rest. I thought it would be too finicky for students to try and cut out on their own. They had a great time creating their own trees, and it was great for reinforcing our sight word of the week!

2. Truffula Tree Math Game

Truffula tree math game for kindergarten. Great earth day activity

I made these Truffula Trees with over-sized pompoms hot glued to yellow and white straws that I found at Party City. If I were to make them again, I would glue them to dowels instead. The straws bent and had to be tapped by the end of the week, even though our students are awesome and gentle with all classroom materials.

To play, students rolled the dice and planted that many trees. Simple, but so much fun!

3. Rainy Day Sight Words

rainy day sight words literacy center for kindergarten. practice sight word recognition and spelling with this fun activity

With all the rain that we have been getting we took out these rainy day literacy centers to have some fun with the bad weather. Students picked a sight word, then used the raindrops to spell it out.

If you would like to use this center with you students, it is available in my store:

rainy day square preview

4. Loose Parts CenterĀ 

Loose parts center for literacy centers in kindergarten

My teaching partner and I had the same thought about our loose parts center this week: it needed something fresh. We wanted to add something to it to make it more inviting and exciting for our students. I printed out these nature pictures that I found on Pexels, and students were able to create on them. Along with the loose parts and task cards, we thought that it would re-energize this center.

literacy loose parts center for kindergarten

I was hoping that the pictures would make students excited to visit this center, but I never thought it would be as popular as it was! The table was full, and our students created some really wonderful things.

If you would like to use the Springtime Task Cards that you see around the table, you can get them in my store:

springtime I Can Cards square previrw

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