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Graphing in the Classroom

It is getting closer and closer to the end of the school year, and we are looking for ways to review and reinforce concepts that we have been learning throughout the year.

Graphing in the Classroom Freebie

Here are 4 worksheets to use with students to reinforce the concept of collecting data and graphing.
By collecting simple data, students will be able to fill out the worksheets on their own and analyze the results.
Included in this package:
1. Today’s Traffic Report: students graph the cars they see by colour (2 worksheets included with colour/color changed)
2. Today’s Fashion Report: students graph shirt colours (2 worksheets included with colour/color changed)
3. Today’s Shoe Types: students graph shoe types (velcro, laces, zipper, buckle,nothing)
4. Eye Colours: Students graph eye colours in the classroom (2 worksheets included with colour/color changed)

Today’s Traffic Report would be a lot of fun to do outside with your class on a warm June day!

You can grab this packet for $1 from my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store:

Graphing in the Classroom

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