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Decodable Books [Ep. 134]

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134 – Decodable Books Creative Kindergarten


What This Episode is About:

In episode 134 of the Creative Kindergarten Podcast, I discuss decodable books! I go over how I use them in the classroom and where I have found decodable texts that I use. They have been an amazing tool to use with my students and are an integral part of building confident readers.

Links I Talk About in This Podcast:

Documentation blog post
Flyleaf Publishing
Educators Publishing Service books
Decodable Readers, 1-page books
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My name is Amanda, and I’m an Early Childhood Educator in Ontario, Canada. This is a podcast where I talk about all things kindergarten. I pick a topic for the week, and I share my thoughts, ideas and learning around that topic.

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  1. Suzanne Goddard says:

    I just had an inspirational moment as I was listening to your podcast this morning about decodables. You mentioned that you use OneNote for documentation and so do I, however, I’ve never used it for the decodables I use during small group! Any chance you would be willing to share what your page looks like for that?

    • Amanda B. says:

      It’s just a blank page that I take notes on. It’s very simple and is more just notes, so I remember what to do with students the next time I meet with them!

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