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Coin Rubbings Worksheets


We have moved on to money in math now, and I wanted to give the students the freedom to explore coins, but with some structure and direction.

I like the idea of coin rubbings; it gets their hands involved and the students like how they look. Instead of just a bunch of rubbings on a page, I create these two worksheets to help direct their thinking.

Coin rubbings preview

This set includes 2 worksheets to use to reinforce coin recognition:

The first sheet will focus on one coin. There is space to write the name of the coin, to do a rubbing of the front and back of the coin, and to write 3 things that they notice when looking at the coin.

The second worksheet has space to do 4 coin rubbings and to write the name of the coin to identify it.

These worksheets are a great way to get students thinking about coins and what they look like.


For this center I included:

  • popsicle sticks with the names of the coin, the coin’s worth and a coin so that the students would easily be able to identify it (I got this idea from Classroom Freebies.)
  • an assortment of coins for the students to use for their rubbings
  • pencils and crayons


Download these worksheets for $1.00 from my Teachers pay Teachers store:

Coin Rubbings Worksheets

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