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Character Education: Helpfulness

Easily teach helpfulness character education with these fun activities. Have your students reflect on how they can be helpful, and display their ideas on a meaningful bulletin board.

When teaching character education, it is important to involve your students in the process. They will not be able to learn and grow unless they are given the opportunity to work on it for themselves.

Teach about thankfulness as well with these easy and engaging activities!


Reading a book about helpfulness and having a class discussion is a great place to start. The book I Am Helpful (or any other book you have about helpfulness) is a great way to begin the conversation. Have students generate a list of ideas on the different ways that they can be helpful. You can also watch videos on how to be helpful (there is one from Harry Kindergarten).


Now, give students the time to do their own reflection. You can start by giving them a journal and do a few pages at a time. Do the journal over a few days, and revisit your discussions on helpfulness to add to your brainstormed list. They can also complete the writing prompt to display on a bulletin board.


Now they can condense their learning on to a page where they can list 3 ways that they can be helpful at home and at school. This way, they can see how they can utilize their character education to be more helpful in their everyday life.


Put all of your students’ amazing learning on display so that others can be inspired to be more helpful. Add their reflective writing and/or their lists. The bulletin board can serve as a great visual reminder to be helpful every day.

Show Off!

Now that your students have learned about being helpful, they can show off what they learned! These fun bracelets are easy to make: cut out the strips, colour them in, and staple the ends together to make a bracelet.

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