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I know… the dreaded words… “Back to School”. We just finished one school year and I am already looking ahead. I like to be ahead of the game, but I think I have outdid myself this time! I have put together two Back To School packages to make the transition to the new school easier. Two literacy centers that are ready, you just need to hit ‘print’!

Back To School Write the Room PreviewThe first pack includes 2 write-the-room activities:

1- A set of 8 cards to be placed around the classroom and a recording sheet. Students must find all the word cards are write the corresponding words on the recording sheet.
2- Students must use the recording sheet to find words around the classroom that start with the same letters that spell “Back to School”.

I like these write-the room activities, it allows the students to explore the classroom, while still having a focus.

Back to school writing prompt preview

The second pack includes 5 writing prompts that get your students thinking and writing about their back to school experience!
This package included 5 writing sheets with these prompts:
* How did you feel on the first day of school?
* What is one thing you would like to learn about this year?
* What makes you excited about coming to school?
* What is something your classmates should know about you?
* What do you like to eat for lunch?

Use these in your students’ writing journals or for a literacy center! This is a great way to get your students writing at the beginning of the school year.

Get both of these packs from my Teachers pay Teachers for $1 each:

2 Back To School Write-the-Room Activities

5 Back to School Writing Prompts

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