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2D Shapes Winter Activity FREEBIE

Need a fun way to reinforce identifying 2D shapes with your students? These free winter-themed cards are the perfect pairing for a variety of activities.

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2D Shapes Cards

This is an image of a math provocation set-up. On a table, there are two cards. Printed on them are 2d shapes (star and oval) with winter images inside (pinecones and fox) with the name of the shape at the top of the card.

Under the cards, a plastic container has salt inside with a few, small plastic snowflakes scattered throughout. There is a cinnamon stick inside the container as well.

You can use these math cards with loose parts, play dough, in a sensory bin, and salt/sand tray. There are so many options that you can try!

I added the 2D shapes cards to a salt tray provocation. I filled the bottom of a Rubbermaid container (from the dollar store) with salt and added some plastic snowflakes. I had students use a cinnamon stick to trace the shapes from the cards into the sand. This provided them with some great fine motor practice and reinforced the attributes of the various shapes. My students loved the pictures on the cards and the sensory experience of tracing in salt.

This provocation was available for students to explore during our free choice exploration of literacy and math centers.

Grab the Freebie

Want to use the 2D shapes cards with your students? Grab the freebie here:

On a table, there are a pile of cards. A hand is holding one of the cards above the rest. Printed on it is a 2d shape (octagon) with an image of a pine tree inside of it. The name of the shape is printed at the top of the card.

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