My Top 3 Technology Tools for the Classroom

Technology in the classroom can be a lifesaver. It can save time, energy and our sanity. I don’t know what teachers did before Pinterest or YouTube, let alone before computers!
These are my top 3 tools that I use on an (almost) daily basis. You might have heard of these already, but just in case you haven’t,  I thought these were definitely worth a share!

1. Go Noodle
This website has videos for kids to move along to. There are silly videos to make them laugh, dance, scream and move to (sometimes all in the same video). You have to make an account to have access to the content, but it is worth it! You get to choose and level up a character by watching videos (they are catchy, fun videos)! I find myself singing the songs long after we have finished watching them!
The best part: they have a section labeled “Inside Recess”  where you can choose a video based on how long of a break you have, and they will stream continuous videos for that length of time. They will even mix up what kind of video is playing so they get a variety (dancing, funny, movement and relaxation).
The kids ask to do these videos all the time, and it is a perfect  “gap filler” for when you have an extra 5 minutes that  needs to be filled up!

Find it here!

2. Seesaw
This is one for the parents, kids and teachers. As kindergarten moves further and further away from pencil and paper, it is hard to share what the children are learning with their parents. This is where Seesaw comes in. You download the app on your device (phone, tablet, Ipod) and input your class list. The app generates a printout for each kid to take home which contains a unique access code assigned to each child. You can then take pictures of the children’s work and upload them to the child’s profile. Only parents of that child will be able to see the photos! Brilliant!
You can even add comments, make videos and the parents can like and comment on the pictures!
The best part: the app is so easy to use, you can easily teach the children how to use it! They will be able to take pictures of their own work!
The kids love to have pictures taken of their work, the parents love to see the pictures and you have a digital portfolio for each child to review when it comes to report card time! An all-around great tool!

You can learn more about this app and sign up here!

3. Remind

This is one that I don’t use everyday, but at least once or twice a week. It is a messaging service that allows you to send out a mass text message to all parents. Once you sign up, there is a handout that you can print for your class. Once the parent signs up, they will receive any messages that you send out. I use it to remind them of special days (like Picture Day) and to let them know what we are working on in class (what letter, sight word or math concept we are practicing). It keeps the parents informed and is an easy way to remind them of things they may forget!
The best part (or the worst depending on the parent): the parents can send you personal messages. So if they have questions about the special day, or need clarification, they can message you. You can turn this feature off or set office hours to keep the messages in check if it gets out of hand!

Check it out here!

That’s my top 3 list! What about you, what are your favourite tools to use? 🙂


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