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I have been loving using Instagram to share my products, what’s happening in our classroom and just random things that I think are fun. I started doing it to be able to share and connect with other teachers around the world, and I never thought I would get 50 followers. Today I reached 300! That seems unbelievable to me!


Here are a few pictures from these past few weeks, but if you want to see more or if you want to keep up with what I’m doing to prepare for the new school year, make sure you follow me!


I started off my summer break with a new book. I finished it in two days and it was a great start to my summer. I am trying to take some time for myself to actually take a break over the summer. Reading, yoga and spending time in the garden are ways that I am trying to relax!


My nephew is starting kindergarten in September and his school has an awesome program where students are able to go into their classroom for an hour every day for 2 weeks. I have been taking him a few days these past two weeks and it has been so much fun! They have centers set up and students can choose where they want to go; it’s set up like their regular classroom so they can get used to being in class. So great! I wish every school had something like this.


I am trying to build up a good collection of books for provocations this school year. I found these books that I am really excited for! This is package 1 of 3 and I can’t wait to see the next set of books I get in.


I am creating new math and literacy loose parts for the new school year. These subitizing mushrooms and wood slice letters will be a fun addition to our centers. I have lots of ideas about what else I want to create and I’m excited to see what our students do with them!

Make sure you are following me to see what else I will be up to this summer!

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