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Free Nature Number Printable

I’m always looking for fun ways to incorporate math or literacy skills into my classroom centers. I also like to use natural items like loose parts in my provocations. So this nature number printable was an easy way to do both!

Number Printable

Image of a printed number eight with a background image of rocks.

I used Canva to create these number printables, and they turned out so perfect I had to share them!

I’ve made them so that they are ready to print, or you can use them as a template in Canva to make them your own.

Alphabet Printable

As a bonus, you can also get my nature alphabet by visiting my YouTube channel and watching this video. I explained the basics of using Canva and how I created my nature alphabet and number printable! It’s so easy to do, and I hope it gives you ideas of things you can create for your classroom.

Image of a printed letter B with a background image of tree bark.

Grab the Number Printable freebie here:

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