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Printable Decodable Readers for Short Vowel Sounds

As I have learned more about the science of reading and how to teach my students to read, decodable readers have become a powerful tool in my classroom. I want students to be using the skills that I am teaching them in order to read. That’s why I love these decodable readers so much – I can pick ones that focus on the sounds I have taught my students.

What Are Decodable Readers?

These are books that students can read using the phonics skills that they have been taught. They can decode the words because they have the knowledge needed to read them.

Decodable sentence strips for dhort a, i, e vowel sounds.

If there are words that students need to guess or look at the picture to figure out – those aren’t decodable for them.

Why Use Decodable Readers?

When teaching new math skills to our students, we put out activities and provocations that help reinforce those skills. The same thing needs to happen in our literacy program!

I want to teach my students decoding and phonics skills, then allow them to practice.

With decodable books, students can use their skills to read the words on the page to become readers!

Printed decodable readers for Short I book 1, 2 and 3.

Short Vowel Decodable Readers

I developed my own printable decodable books because I wanted an easy-print option to use with my students, then send home for extra practice.

A pile of printed decodable readers for short vowel sounds.

Each book focuses on a set of letters and a short vowel, so you can pick a book that meets the needs of your students. There are 3 books for each vowel – so you will have plenty to choose from!

These were such a hit with my students! They loved reading through the books, then taking them home to read with their families. Since they were only one page, I let my students keep them. I didn’t have to keep track of where all my books were!

Want to grab a copy of my Short Vowel Decodable Books? Find them here:

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