Learning About Patterns

Patterning in Kindergarten

We began to learn about patterning last week, and we have had fun using different materials to practice making patterns. Read to the end of this post to download some free anchor posters.

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We love to use hands-on activities when we are learning how to pattern. Letting students use concrete materials helps them to understand and build their skills. This flower pattern activity has been a real hit in our classroom.

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Once the flowers are made, it is easy to set up this activity and students are not only working on their patterning skills, they are also strengthening their fine motor muscles. Creating a pattern following a rule can be difficult at first, but it becomes easier the more you practice, and these flowers are a fun way to work on it!

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We continued to work with concrete materials, and with this center we had students record their finished patterns. We encouraged them to identify the core and the rule of each of their patterns.

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Our class used a variety of materials to make their different patterns (pompoms, gems, links, blocks, mini erasers and sticks) and they did a great job recording their work. This is a great way to assess how well your students understand patterning, and where they might need help.

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Extending patterns is also an important skill to learn, and these task cards are perfect for practicing! Students have to draw the next two shapes in the pattern. We also had our students identify the rule and the core on each of the cards.

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This loose parts center was set up to encourage our class to make their own patterns with a variety of materials. The different materials are great to encourage them to use their imagination and to create a range of patterns.

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We use these posters on our math wall to help our class identify different types of patterns and their cores. We like to hear them use the math language when they are working and these posters are a great reminder. You can download them for free here:


If you like these centers, you can get them in my Easy Print and Prep Math Centers Bundle (it will take you through each of your math strands, and they are so easy to set up!), or you can get the patterning centers on their own:

Patterning Preview             Bundle Preview

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