Fall Sensory Bin and Small World

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As we move into the fall season, we have set up a fall-inspired sensory bin and small world play center. I love this time of the year, the colours and the changes happening outside are so inspiring for our kinders!

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We are hoping to inspire our students to sort items, or search for sight words in our sensory bin. This year, our students love working in our sensory bin. We allow 2 students at a time to be at this center, and it is always full. I hope they are as excited about this new one!

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The filler is dried green and yellow split peas (I bought these 3 years ago and I have been able to reuse it every year!), and we’ve added acorns and leaves to make it feel like fall. The sight word leaves are from my Falling Leaves literacy pack.

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Our small world play center is going to have students work on letters and their sounds. I hope they enjoy using all the natural materials to create their own letter trees. These letter leaves are also included in the Falling Leaves literacy pack.

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What do you like to include in your fall-inspired centers?

Get my Falling Leaves- Fall Inspired Literacy pack to add to your fall activities:

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