Pick it! Build it! Write it! Work Mats

Pick it! Write it! Build it!- Blog

A new activity pack was added to my store. Pick it! Build it! Write it! includes 3 simple work mats that can be used in a number of different ways.

instagram11 (2)

Students can pick a letter, build it, and write it. You can use a variety of materials for the “build it” parts. Any of your loose parts would be fun!

instagram11 (4)

This activity pack comes with all the letter cards in two different versions: with just the letter, or the letter and the picture.

instagram11 (3)

The next version of this work mat has students building sight words. The 40 Pre-Primer Dolch sight words are included, and there is also a few blank cards that you can us to write in your own sight words.


The last version in this set also works on sight words, but encourages students to use the sight word in a sentence.

I love how so many different levels are included in this simple activity, and that you can differentiate it for all the students in your classroom. It is available now in my store:

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