Kindergarten Centers you need for the Beginning of the School Year

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Getting ready for the beginning of the school year can be overwhelming. Make you you check out my previous posts about How to Prep your Centers and How to Set Up you Centers. Now if you need ideas for what to do at the beginning of the school year, here are some ideas to get you started!

Literacy Centers

At the beginning of the year, we focus on phonics and getting all the letter sounds down. Here are a few activities to work on letter recognition and letter formation:

1- Beginning Sound Cover-Up Work Mats

2- Match the Picture!

3- Write & Swipe Beginning Sound Activities

4- Pineapple Literacy Activities

5- Letter Cover-Up Work Mats

Math Centers-

At the beginning of the school year, our math focus is on number sense. We like to assess where each student is and take it from there. Sometimes we work on numbers to 5 and other times we can go higher. It depends on the class, and changes year-to-year. Here are some activities that you can use at the beginning of the year, and will take you through the rest of the school year as students gain more number sense knowledge.

1- Pineapple Number Work Mats

2- 3 Kindergarten Number Activities for Number Sense

3- Kindergarten Number Sense Work Mats

4- Missing Numbers Task Cards for Numbers 1-20

5- Spin & Cover! Subitizing Work Mats

These are all great activities that can be used throughout the school year. They are easy to set-up and simple enough that students can complete them on their own while you are working with others. We always keep these handy since they cover important topics in literacy and math!

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